Expenditure Details of Lok Sabha Elections 2019


S.NO. Candidate Name Document (07/05/2019) Document (12/05/2019) Document (16/05/2019) Document (23/05/2019)
1. AKHILESH Download (PDF 3.6MB) Download (PDF 3.7MB) Download (PDF 2.7MB) Download (PDF 2.1MB)
2. PANKAJ CHOUDHARY Download (PDF 3MB) Download (PDF 3.4MB) Download (PDF 5.2MB) Download (PDF 2.6MB)
3. SUPRIYA SHRINATE Download (PDF 1.4MB) Download (PDF 2.5MB) Download (PDF 6.5MB) Download (PDF 1.5MB)
4. PAPPU CHAUHAN Download (PDF 601KB) Download (PDF 1.2MB) Download (PDF 601KB) Download (PDF 501KB)
5. MANISH Download (PDF 2MB) Download (PDF 2.7MB) Download (PDF 3MB) Download (PDF 525KB)
6. MANOJ KUMAR RANA Download (PDF 3.7MB) Download (PDF MB) Download (PDF 5.1MB) Download (PDF 1.2MB)
7. SHIV CHARAN Download (PDF 580KB) Download (PDF 611KB) Download (PDF 641KB) Download (PDF 782KB)
8. SUMIT Download (PDF 1.3MB) Download (PDF 1.2MB) Download (PDF 1.1MB) Download (PDF 249KB)
9. ANEEL KUMAR Download (PDF 588KB) Download (PDF 909KB) Download (PDF 518KB) Download (PDF 552KB)
10. AMARJEET Download (PDF 350KB) Download (PDF 1.2MB) Download (PDF 1.1MB) Download (PDF 1.1MB)
11. PANNELAL Download (PDF 648KB) Download (PDF 562KB) Download (PDF 459KB) Download (PDF 868KB)
12. PRAMOD KUMAR Download (PDF 5.1MB) Download (PDF 2.7MB) Download (PDF 2.2MB) Download (PDF 945KB)
13. MOHAN KUMAR Download (PDF 4.6MB) Download (PDF 1.8MB) Download (PDF 2.1MB) Download (PDF 2.1MB)
14. LALDHARI YADAV Download (PDF 1.1MB) Download (PDF 1.6MB) Download (PDF 2MB) Download (PDF 1.3MB)


Summary of Election Candidates (Part 1 to 4 and Schedule 1 to 10)
S.NO. Candidate Name Document
1. AKHILESH Download (PDF 6.4MB)
4. PAPPU CHAUHAN Download (PDF 6.2MB)
5. MANISH Download (PDF 5.7MB)
6. MANOJ KUMAR RANA Download (PDF 6.8MB)
7. SHIV CHARAN Download (PDF 6.5MB)
8. SUMIT Download (PDF 6.4MB)
9. ANIL KUMAR Download (PDF 6.7MB)
10. AMARJEET Download (PDF 6.7MB)
11. PANNELAL Download (PDF 6.6MB)
12. PRAMOD KUMAR Download (PDF 6.7MB)
13. MOHAN KUMAR Download (PDF 6.7MB)
14. LALDHARI YADAV Download (PDF 6.7MB)